Colorado 24 model shown 

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Big Bud from BigBudsMag posing with the HydroRevolutionizer at CannaGrow Expo

Quantum Leap Hydroponics


What if there was a system that could potentially grow 10-15 times the viable plant material per square foot  compared to conventional indoor growing and that could use considerably less water, fertilizer, power and labor?

4 years ago I got a call from a friend to help him with a construction project at his indoor grow facility for medical marijuana. Being a curious person who is always Looking to build a better mousetrap, I started researching technology as it related to optimizing plant growth. I came across a NASA concept from the 1970’s where scientists  were studying the effects of weightlessness on plant material before attempting to  grow the plants in space. Of course you really can’t simulate weightlessness on earth. What the scientists  were doing instead was manipulating the pants perception of gravitational direction. To do this, they rotated plants over a horizontal axis which they called orbitropism. What they discovered inadvertently is that the plant releases auxins growth hormone which can greatly increase the plants rate of growth and production. NASA’s design was much like a planetary system and unnecessarily complex. My patented design  has greatly simplified the machine and combines orbitropism with higher performing types of hydroponics and aeroponics. What I’ve discovered with my experiments is that plants stretch away from gravity and towards the light with conventional growing. WITHOUT DIRECTIONAL GRAVITY the plant tend to grow denser-not stretching away from its base, and the leaves can also turn in any direction, and therefore are able to absorb light even from below and within the canopy.
We will touch on these concepts again later.

Hydroponics has contributed to the advancement of farming by increasing the speed of growth quality and amount of plant material by improving oxygenation to the plant’s roots and perfect nutrient and trace elements,

Dense organic soil allows only up to about 30% of the root’s potential absorption of oxygen
Soil-less mediums around 50%
Hydro-rock around 80%
and aeroponics allows up to 99% of the plant’s capability of absorbing oxygen.

Hydroponics also allows the best nutrients to be used.
By eliminating the dense organic soil, you eliminate unknown, unnecessary or excessive elements, and  you can add only the nutrients that are required by the plants for optimal growth. Combining the very best that hydroponics and aeroponics with orbitopism can potentially raise productivity to levels not previously thought possible.

1000 watt HID (High Intensity Discharge) has been the industry standard for decades.
One 1000 watt HID bulb is typically used for a  4 ft. by 4 ft. square growing area.
Some growers will use a light mover to share the light over double the space to increase the yield per watt. The advantage is gained by eliminating shadows with the moving light, but this can’t perform as well as 2 lights in a 2 light area because of the diminished intensity.
Note how uneven the light is dispersed when using HID in conventional 2D growing space.
Optimally, the average plant needs 1500 micromoles of PAR lighting   (Photosynthetically Active Radiation )  from multiple and moving sources with a leaf temperature of roughly 80 Fahrenheit. As you can see from the above diagram, conventional indoor growing can not even come close to achieving this. The PAR numbers range from 59 to almost 2000. Furthermore, the temperatures in the left side diagram would cook the pants with both light and heat.

With QLH’s rotating mechanical plant growth accelerator, it is possible for the first time to achieve the perfect amount of light and temperature.

When you think of conventional growing you think of:
Square footage-with space to maneuver around (to tend to the plants), with only the top of the canopy as viable plant material.

But a room is 3D not 2D

What if you could utilize all of the space with nothing wasted?

Inorganic chemicals and artificial hormones can be used to accelerate the plants growth rates (with potential side effects to its users).

What if you could force the plant to release its own natural growth hormones to accelerate production and because of its vigorous and healthy growth also resist pests organically?  (The healthy plants resist infestation and penetration by pests such as spider mites, powdery mildew, etc. without the need to spray or add dangerous pesticides ).

So I have brought up a bunch of questions such as “what if you could…”
  --utilize all 3 dimensions of your space?
  --maximize your yield per watt of light? (thereby decreasing energy consumption)
  --decrease the amount of water and fertilizers used? (thereby decreasing cost and labor) and decrease the need for harmful pesticides?
  --decrease the amount of labor needed to maintain your crops?(semi-automated system of watering, etc.)
  --increase the viable plant material from the base of the stem to the tips of the branches?

Up until now the only commercially available option for growing plants using the elements of orbitropism and hydroponics has been “the Volksgarden” which unlike the new patent pending system that I am about to reveal to you, has the plants facing inward, growing towards a central light source.
In addition to the space limitations (the plants can only grow so tall before they all converge on the solo light source in the middle), the shadows (the light source is fixed in relation to the plants) the humidity produced (the plants are rooted in rock-wool that is dipped in a trough at the bottom of the rotation and then the moisture escapes into the environment (forcing you to use dehumidifiers and AC to remove the associated heat)
For these main reasons it would not be economically viable for a commercial (medical) marijuana grower to use the Volksgarden.

There has never been a viable option, UNTIL NOW……


All of these advancements combined into a new revolutionary grow system increasing your yields per square foot and per watt, decreasing your consumption of resources (water, fertilizer, soil, energy, labor, etc.—thereby decreasing your costs) which all lead to higher profit margins for you!

How is this all possible?????

The HYDRO REVOLUTIONIZER is the first commercially available, economically viable patent pending mechanical growth accelerator brought to you by Quantum Leap Hydroponics International.

Why is this system so revolutionary????

Spatial efficiency. Note all of the unused cubic feet in the picture of a standard grow room (wasted space below drain tables, between canopy and light and stems)

Most commercial growers will have to rent space to grow indoors ($$$ per square foot per month)

A single Hydro Revoltionizer rotor occupies only 55 square feet of space and can grow the between 16 and 24 plants (depending on the model) and can be illuminated by  light from ALL  ANGLES, not just above. (thereby increasing yield per square foot and per watt!)   Plant material can be grown essentially from  floor to ceiling, utilizing most of the cubic feet available in the room.

The total surface area of the Hydro Revolutionizer system is the equivalent (volume) of an area that would be covered by 15,000 Watts in a conventional grow room. In only 55 square feet of space (5.5 ft. X10 ft. X 10ft. room)
With Orbitropism the plant will be dense with tight internodal spacing.
Since the plants are moving in relation to the stationary lights that are placed around the plants (both above and below the Hydro Revolutionizer Rotor, using the available space in the room), like a rotisserie, the optimal light intensity is distributed more evenly around the canopy without having the potential to burn the leaves due to being exposed to the intense light emitted from the center of the bulbs and also eliminating shadows. With this new system and the plant’s ability to turn its leaves in any direction (not just “up”) the potential to add lighting under and within the canopy to further increase yields exists as well.
Because moving light is more efficient than stationary combined with naturally released growth hormones, the Hydro Revolutionizer will produce more viable plant material per lighting watt.

Here is what the Hydro Revolutionizer can do for you:

In 300 square feet (3 rotor setup plus space for cloning and 2 veg generations)+15,000 watts of light

You could grow up to 6 generations with LESS THAN 100 plants on site with a harvest as soon as once every 2 ½ weeks!

The Hydro Revolutionizer is a contained system in that the hydroponic materials are within the Hydro Revolutionizer, thereby decreasing the amount of evaporation and therefore relative humidity in the room. This decreases or eliminates the need to run a dehumidifier and associated A/C to remove the heat produced from the dehumidifier. It also reduces the possibility of powdery mildew by eliminating moist growing  medium near foliage.

The Hydro Revolutionizer drastically reduces the manual labor involved in growing your crop.
The advantages of the Hydro Revolutionizer will decrease the amount of time spent shrogging/supercropping (the density due to the orbitropism), will eliminate hand-watering (because the self-contained hydroponic system delivers the appropriate mix of water, fertilizer and air to the plants continuously) and will also eradicate the spraying of harmful pesticides because of the healthy plant’s natural resistance to diseases and pests.

If you do need to manually tend to any of your plants you can remain in one place and allow the rotor to bring them to you!
All you need to do is monitor the atmosphere and add water/fertilizer to the reservoir every few days.

The HydroRevolutionizer is here to Revolutionize your grow!