We  unveiled The HydroRevolutionizer at Canna Grow Expo Oct 29-30--thanks for all the interest!

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side by side comparison of 18 plants grown conventionally (96 sq.ft.)  vs. the same number of plants with more viable plant material in only 55 square feet.


in action as the canopy rotates past the lights allowing for deep and even penetration without burning the leaves.

Quantum Leap Hydroponics has developed a patent pending mechanical growth accelerator that will Revolutionize your grow!

*With our HydroRevolutionizer Rotor you can accommodate sixteen 4ft (or more depending on ceiling height) plants in ONLY 55 Square feet of space.

*Flood your plants with  4000 to 20,000 watts of light without burning the leaves as the plants move past the lights eliminating shadows and allowing light to penetrate deep into the canopy and from all angles (not just from above).

*The HydroRevolutionizer  causes plants to be naturally dense & pest resistant.

*Compared to conventional growing the HydroRevolutionizer SAVES you money (equipment costs are less than $2 per watt of lighting), resources (water, fertilizer) and labor (See HOW by joining our mailing list and we will send you the informational slide show) (See more info in the "about" tab above)

(Time lapse-One revolution every 45 minutes)

(Time lapse-One revolution every 45 minutes)

Check out the interview with JJ Kitchen from Uptown Grow Lab (Starts at 9min 51s) at CannaGrow Expo

Purchase the complete Hydro Revolutionizer System and accessories at the Quantum Leap online store  and select retail stores in the fall of 2016. Join our e-mail list for updates and special offers! (Units are available for purchase directly-contact us to order yours today!)

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